Financial FAQ

Questions about financial aid

Check out our frequently asked questions. If you don't find the answer, contact our Student Financial Services office at 402.486.2505 or

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How do I begin the process of getting financial aid?

What is the Union College School Code for the FAFSA?

Who is my parent when I fill out the FAFSA?

I don’t qualify for financial aid; should I still fill out the FAFSA?

Do I need to be accepted before I can apply for financial aid?

Do I need to reapply for financial aid every year?

What happens after I file my FAFSA?

Will I receive a financial statement each month?

What is FERPA and how does it affect information related to my student account?

Can I receive my transcript or diploma even if my student account is not paid off?

What happens if I have a tuition balance when I leave?

If I have a credit on my account, when do I get my refund check each semester?

When do I need to start repaying my loans?

What happens if I don't pay my student loan back?

Questions about student accounts

College financial aid can seem complex, but we’re here to make it easier. After reading the topics below, if you still have questions please contact or 402.486.2505.

What is my monthly payment amount?

How do students view their monthly payment amount?

How do parents view the monthly payment amount?

How do I give a parent access to my financial information?

What if my parent doesn't remember their ID and password to Portal?

How is my monthly payment amount determined?

Where can I make a payment?

If I have a credit on my account when do I get my refund check?